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You Say Omelet, I Say Frittata

Today is Easter Sunday (Happy Easter Everyone!), so I have chosen the obvious route for today´s blog: eggs. There are so many wonderful egg creations out there and even the most basic such as scrambled or soft-boiled are among the greatest eats to be found anywhere.

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The Famous Italian Chilaquiles

The name chilaquiles comes from the Aztec word chīlāquilitl, which means “herbs or vegetables in chile sauce”. Today you will find many versions of chilaquiles in Mexico, the most common a breakfast dish with totopos (tortilla chips) and chile sauce. Eggs are not uncommon, both scrambled and fried, sometimes topped with cheese and crema (Mexico´s answer to sour cream). Beans are also a chilaquiles staple.

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Flashback Fridays: You Mean As In “Vinegar Sauce”?

Photo: Mette Randem

I grew up eating Oklahoma barbecue, the best of it as good as can be found in any state in the South. Our tomato sauce is tomato-based, sweet, but still tangy. Not too thick, well, just right.

Several years ago I became acquainted with vinegar-base barbecue sauce, the staple in some of the further east reaches of the Deep South. And in the eastern part of North Carolina they make vinegar sauce that is equally as good as any tomato-based sauce you ever ate.

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Flashback Fridays: Two Down, One to Go and Pizza Rocks!

Photos: Mats Widén

Here is a brief history of food:

(Earlier): Salt. Check.

(Just the other day): Fats. Check.

The last on the list of stuff-they-plan-to-take-away-from-us is of course sugar. Give them a year or so and it´s bye-bye to apple pie, hot cocoa and your favorite candy bar.

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Fort Knoks Potatoes

These trainwreck-looking potatoes are worth their weight in gold, therefore the name. Fort Knoks Potatoes are parboiled, seasoned, baked, smashed, re-seasoned and baked again. They are way easier to prepare than french fries, but equally as crispy, equally as good. These ugly (as in good-ugly)  potatoes are irresistable, even straight from the fridge.

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