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Flashback Fridays: It´s Pork Season. It´s Always Pork Season.

Photos: Geir Egil Bergjord

My first trip to Italy was an eye-opening revelation. I experienced food in a whole new way, without any fancy tricks. One of the first dishes I was served was pork loin stuffed with yellow peppers and spinach, slow roasted in the oven. Here is my version of the same dish, cooked on the grill.

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Flashback Fridays: Grilled Quesadillas

Photos: Mette Randem

Quesadillas are simply tortillas (therefore “-dillas”) filled with cheese (therefore “queso”), but there are any number of twists used to “spice up” this wonderful dish. Today´s recipe is a favorite and was on the menu at my first restaurant – thirty years ago this year. We made the quesadillas in the kitchen, but they are even better hot off the grill.

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Flashback Fridays: Dad´s On Fire!

Photos: Geir Egil Bergjord

Today´s recipe is from my first book about grilling. The Norwegian title is “Far lukter svidd” (Gyldendal, 2002) which roughly translates to “Dad´s on Fire”. For me the title sums up the classic backyard grill seance gone horribly bad. The food world is notorious for its jaw-dropping lack of humor, so I felt obligated to find a title that would allow readers to multi-task: make some good food whilst smiling. Your average culigastronomophile probably won´t get it, but the rest of us do.

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Flashback Fridays: To sommeraktiviteter flyttes nå til vinteren

To av sommerens kjekkeste aktiviteter er grilling og båtliv (og med båtliv følger selvfølgelig  fisking og fangst av sjømat). Problemet er at mye av sjømaten vi har her i sjømats-paradiset, er på sitt beste om vinteren. Derfor er det naturlig at vi begynner å fiske og fange cirka et halvt år senere enn vanlig. Det som også er viktig er at mye av denne maten smaker best rett fra grillen. Så, istedenfor å bare grille i juni, juli og august, så må vi fortsette å grille rett gjennom høsten og vinteren for å få med oss favorittene torsk, kamskjell, sjøkreps og co.

Derfor vil jeg dele en liten grill-og-sjømat historie fra min bok “Grillkongen Craig” (Versal, 2006). Ha en fin Flashback Friday.

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Joe Chili & The Sloppy Dogs

Have you ever been really cold? Like lots-of-minus-degrees cold? You finally come inside; the fireplace is blazing. You have removed the layers of coats and sweaters, scarves and gloves, and you are standing, hands outstretched, close to that roaring fireplace. At some point your body joyously responds and you feel that first shudder, head to toe, ridding your body of the chill and slowly introducing it to warmth.

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Flashback Fridays: Pickled onions

Photo: Aina Hole

I have been in the blog business for nearly one month. I have received good help in getting started and I have learned a lot by studying other people´s blogs. Some are very good while others are not my particular cup of tea.

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Aioli To The People

Why all the fuss about aioli? So-called experts say that any aioli not whipped together by hand is not worth eating. Humbug! A good machine-made aioli is better than pretty much anything you will find in a store and as good as or better than most of what you will find prepared by restaurants, cafés and the like. Aioli is unbeatable with vegetables, fish, meats, as a dip, on bread … wait, let´s just say that aioli isn´t that great with dessert, but otherwise good to go!

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