Who’s afraid of Æ, Ø and Å?

This website reflects my having grown up Okie followed by most of an adult life living in Norway.

Imagine the lovechild of a cowgirl-Native American mother and a horned helmet-clad Dad, all of them eating large chunks of burned flesh, some boiled greens and a dollop of red-eye gravy.

Food is the prevalant theme for the posts you will find on this site, but don’t be surprised to find music and book recommendations, restaurant reviews (and no, not just the good ones) and who knows what else.

Some articles and recipes are and will be written in English, others in Norwegian.

Instead of feeding the words through some crappy translation program I have decided to let the site live life as bi-lingual. Make the best of this opportunity. Learn a second language while cooking and eating. How cool is that?