Papas con Sausage (Homage til Juan del Fuego)

Since I’m only in Oklahoma for a small part of the year I’ve been forced to make good egg dishes at home, including this one: Juan Herrera’s Papas con Chorizo, a combination of eggs, homemade chorizo, onions, peppers, cheese and Fuego Fries (their wonderful seasoned ‘n fried potatoes). This amazing breakfast is served with warm, fresh corn tortillas and a salsa so good I have considered kidnapping Juan and (if I have to) pistol-whipping the recipe out of him. 

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Flashback Fridays: Grillet Squash Caprese

Boken “Ingen røyk uten grill” (Kagge forlag) kom i 2010, et hektisk år for meg. Jeg hadde nettopp forlatt restaurantbransjen og startet produktutviklingsjobben for REMA 1000. Vår første kampanje kom i 2009, og på dette tidspunktet handlet livet om grill og atter grill.

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Welcome, Velkommen, Happy To Have You On Board

Today we are launching (sans exploding Champagne bottle) the new website. To get a better understanding about what will be going on here please read the short piece entitled “Who´s Afraid of Æ, Ø and Å?” here on the home page. I would like to thank the people who have put together this site. You have all done a formidable job and I can´t thank you enough: Olav (putting the site together and putting up with my severe lack of knowledge of all things technical), Noah (all creative ideas made doable) and Espen (the man behind all the great drawings and the new logo). A big thank you also to the Monkey Business trio: Erik (photo and tweaking the site), Annika (making the site “blogalicious” and all around good help) and of course Mari (setting the course and invaluable help with everything; check her out at

We have been working on the site for quite a long time and I´m thrilled to get the ball rolling. I hope you enjoy what you see and please send your comments – pretty much whatever they might be. And as a wise man once said “I believe in everything; nothing is sacred. I believe in nothing; everything is sacred. Ha Ha Ho Ho Hee Hee.”