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First: There have been lots of requests for our chili con carne recipe. You will find it (in Norwegian since you Americans probably think your chili is better than anyone else´s). And now:

It seems appropriate to say “We´re back”. Our last appearance at Gladmat was in 2010 and in just a few days we will return to our old stomping grounds. The main reason for our reappearance is a project we have been working on the last several months: making a dish we have been preparing and eating for over forty years, even better. We are talking about Chili con Carne, one of planet Earth´s ten best dishes (along with fried chicken, pecan pie and a couple of barbecue classics). We are thrilled with the results; this Chili kicks butt!

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It´s Starting To Look A Lot Like Turkey

Turkey is one of a very few ingredients that has so far avoided the stamp of disapproval in our scary, low fat, low salt, your-days-are-numbered, culinary lives. I love turkey. Two of my most important meals of the year have turkey as their main component.

Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners have always been favorites and they have always been an homage to this science fiction-ish, but delicious, bird. The problem with turkey is that not everyone prepares it particularly well.

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Women With Beards and Stoned Chickens

Photo: Mette Randem

I love chicken. A lot of (in their own minds) serious chefs laugh at the thought of having chicken on their menus, proving again that these guys are in need of serious help. Chicken is great stuff – when it is seasoned and cooked well. Poorly-made chicken is as awful as poorly-made broccoli or pasta or pecan pie. Well-made chicken is right up there with the best of dishes.

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They´re alive, dammit! It´s a miracle!

Foto: Mari & Annika

The title of today´s post has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the post´s content. The words are from the title song to “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”, a hilarious comedy series for those who get it; probably unbearable to others. One way or the other you should check out the title sequence to the series. Just watch out; you might end up like me – not able to get the song out of your heard.

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World Famous? Damn Sure Is

I am in Memphis for the big Memphis in May barbecue cookoff. Last night, after another great dinner at Gus´s World Famous Fried Chicken, I got back to my hotel room early to do a bit of office work before bedtime. The Oklahoma City Thunder had just won their 3rd game in the best of seven series (one victory left; go Thunder!), I watched a couple of Action Bronson video slips and that was it.

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What´s All The Fuss About?

Look at this plate. Beans, potatoes, broccoli and carrots, corn and fried chicken. This is just one of many, many examples of how a great meal can look. You´ve got your veggie choices, some chicken, oven-baked potatoes, yep, one great meal.

My not-a-chef buddy in arms Andreas Viestad has been under fire lately for suggesting that all this insanity around dieting may actually do more harm than good. Anyone who has ever pushed a Paleo or an Atkins, a Grete Roede or a Weight Watchers, will cry “Madness” when one of the unbelievers questions their validity.

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The Famous Italian Chilaquiles

The name chilaquiles comes from the Aztec word chīlāquilitl, which means “herbs or vegetables in chile sauce”. Today you will find many versions of chilaquiles in Mexico, the most common a breakfast dish with totopos (tortilla chips) and chile sauce. Eggs are not uncommon, both scrambled and fried, sometimes topped with cheese and crema (Mexico´s answer to sour cream). Beans are also a chilaquiles staple.

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Flashback Fridays: It´s Pork Season. It´s Always Pork Season.

Photos: Geir Egil Bergjord

My first trip to Italy was an eye-opening revelation. I experienced food in a whole new way, without any fancy tricks. One of the first dishes I was served was pork loin stuffed with yellow peppers and spinach, slow roasted in the oven. Here is my version of the same dish, cooked on the grill.

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Flashback Fridays: Dad´s On Fire!

Photos: Geir Egil Bergjord

Today´s recipe is from my first book about grilling. The Norwegian title is “Far lukter svidd” (Gyldendal, 2002) which roughly translates to “Dad´s on Fire”. For me the title sums up the classic backyard grill seance gone horribly bad. The food world is notorious for its jaw-dropping lack of humor, so I felt obligated to find a title that would allow readers to multi-task: make some good food whilst smiling. Your average culigastronomophile probably won´t get it, but the rest of us do.

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