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Corn-On-The-Cob & The Life (And Death) Of Cookbooks

Foto: Geir Egil Bergjord (“gutten med mais”) og Mette Randem

I see corn. Everywhere I turn. The local markets are pushing sous vide corn cobs on the grilling masses and the small farmer´s markets are pushing “fresh” corn-on-the-cob; in their husks, imported from places like France. The local Norwegian fresh corn will show up later in the year, as unavailable and for the most part as unappealing as ever.

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Fort Knoks Potatoes

These trainwreck-looking potatoes are worth their weight in gold, therefore the name. Fort Knoks Potatoes are parboiled, seasoned, baked, smashed, re-seasoned and baked again. They are way easier to prepare than french fries, but equally as crispy, equally as good. These ugly (as in good-ugly)  potatoes are irresistable, even straight from the fridge.

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Flashback Fridays: Pickled onions

Photo: Aina Hole

I have been in the blog business for nearly one month. I have received good help in getting started and I have learned a lot by studying other people´s blogs. Some are very good while others are not my particular cup of tea.

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