World Famous? Damn Sure Is

I am in Memphis for the big Memphis in May barbecue cookoff. Last night, after another great dinner at Gus´s World Famous Fried Chicken, I got back to my hotel room early to do a bit of office work before bedtime. The Oklahoma City Thunder had just won their 3rd game in the best of seven series (one victory left; go Thunder!), I watched a couple of Action Bronson video slips and that was it.

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Høy Mat for Vanlige Folk

Foto: Mette Randem

Denne desserten er verken grillet eller særlig sesongavhengig (når er egentlig banansesongen?). Da jeg var ung var denne desserten konge over alle desserter, delvis fordi den smaker så godt, men også (tror jeg) fordi den var den første opplevelsen jeg hadde med (det nå-godt-oppbrukte-konseptet) «høy mat» (maten gourmetkokkene er så sykt glad i).

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What´s All The Fuss About?

Look at this plate. Beans, potatoes, broccoli and carrots, corn and fried chicken. This is just one of many, many examples of how a great meal can look. You´ve got your veggie choices, some chicken, oven-baked potatoes, yep, one great meal.

My not-a-chef buddy in arms Andreas Viestad has been under fire lately for suggesting that all this insanity around dieting may actually do more harm than good. Anyone who has ever pushed a Paleo or an Atkins, a Grete Roede or a Weight Watchers, will cry “Madness” when one of the unbelievers questions their validity.

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Flashback Fridays: The Onion Burger

I have been busy making burgers the last few weeks. It´s the final stages of preparation for this year´s grill campaign, and burgers are definitely on the menu. Making a lot of burgers gets me thinking about burgers, dreaming about burgers, and somehow my thoughts always seem to wander to the famous Onion Burger from El Reno, Oklahoma.

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Totally Not Funny Food

One of my favorite movies is Pulp Fiction. There are lots of great scenes, and one of the best is when John Travolta´s character explains to Samuel L. Jackon´s character that in France the McDonald´s Quarter Pounder is called Royale With Cheese. This scene always makes me smile, a reaction that creeps in any time I experience the successful combination of food and humor.

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You Say Omelet, I Say Frittata

Today is Easter Sunday (Happy Easter Everyone!), so I have chosen the obvious route for today´s blog: eggs. There are so many wonderful egg creations out there and even the most basic such as scrambled or soft-boiled are among the greatest eats to be found anywhere.

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