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Aioli To The People

Why all the fuss about aioli? So-called experts say that any aioli not whipped together by hand is not worth eating. Humbug! A good machine-made aioli is better than pretty much anything you will find in a store and as good as or better than most of what you will find prepared by restaurants, cafés and the like. Aioli is unbeatable with vegetables, fish, meats, as a dip, on bread … wait, let´s just say that aioli isn´t that great with dessert, but otherwise good to go!

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Papas con Sausage (Homage til Juan del Fuego)

Since I’m only in Oklahoma for a small part of the year I’ve been forced to make good egg dishes at home, including this one: Juan Herrera’s Papas con Chorizo, a combination of eggs, homemade chorizo, onions, peppers, cheese and Fuego Fries (their wonderful seasoned ‘n fried potatoes). This amazing breakfast is served with warm, fresh corn tortillas and a salsa so good I have considered kidnapping Juan and (if I have to) pistol-whipping the recipe out of him. 

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