Totally Not Funny Food

One of my favorite movies is Pulp Fiction. There are lots of great scenes, and one of the best is when John Travolta´s character explains to Samuel L. Jackon´s character that in France the McDonald´s Quarter Pounder is called Royale With Cheese. This scene always makes me smile, a reaction that creeps in any time I experience the successful combination of food and humor.

These days there is a lot of non-humorous food talk going on. True, we are faced with enormous food-related challenges: not enough food some places and way too much food many others. There are hygiene challenges, health challenges, and we mustn´t forget the overabundance of totally not funny food shows on television.

Snacking is pretty funny stuff. Sure, there is a dark side to snacking, but generally speaking it is one way for normal people to live on the edge: “Sure, I ate dinner three hours ago, but I am about to watch Pulp Fiction, so I want to live dangerously. Bring out the Cheetos AND the French Onion Dip. I can eat grapes or carrot sticks tomorrow.

Want a few laughs? Check out Soylent Green, Woody Allen´s hilarious Sleeper or the slightly bizarre Tampopo. And don´t forget the caramel popcorn.

French Onion Dip (with humor)

1/2 c crispy fried onions (yes, from a bag)

2 ss worcestershire sauce

1 c sour cream

4 Tbs mayonnaise

a pinch of finely-ground black pepper

a pinch of cayenne pepper

Mix all ingredients together and let stand for 30 minutes before dipping.

and in Norwegian:

French Onion Dip (med humor)

1 dl sprøløk

2 ss worcestershire-saus

2,5 dl lettrømme

4 ss majones

en klype sort pepper (finmalt)

en klype kajennepepper

Bland sammen alle ingredienser, og la stå i 30 minutter. Spis med chips eller grønnsaksstenger.

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