Flashback Fridays: You Mean As In “Vinegar Sauce”?

Photo: Mette Randem

I grew up eating Oklahoma barbecue, the best of it as good as can be found in any state in the South. Our tomato sauce is tomato-based, sweet, but still tangy. Not too thick, well, just right.

Several years ago I became acquainted with vinegar-base barbecue sauce, the staple in some of the further east reaches of the Deep South. And in the eastern part of North Carolina they make vinegar sauce that is equally as good as any tomato-based sauce you ever ate.

I live in Norway, the nation on Earth that has done the most damage to the barbecue world´s poster boy pulled pork. Over here most of the pulled pork is, lacking. It´s pulled and it´s pork, but it´s not pulled pork.

If you are making pulled pork or chopped pork, you really need to give this sauce a try. I have even used it as a base sauce for coleslaw. Call me crazy, but this stuff is good!


Eastern North Carolina Vinegar Sauce

1 1/2 c apple cider vinegar

1/2 c ketchup

1 Tbs sugar

1 ts Tabasco

2 ts salt

½ ts chile flakes or kajennepepper

Blend all the ingredients togeter. Don´t cook! Let stand for about an hour before using.


and in Norwegian (by the way, the vinegar sauce is the one in back):

Eastern North Carolina Vinegar Sauce

3 dl eplesidereddik

1 dl ketsjup

1 ss sukker

1 ts tabascosaus

2 ts salt

½ ts chiliflak eller kajennepepper

Bland alle ingrediensene i en bolle. Ikke kok sausen. La sausen stå i minst en time.

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