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One Damn Good Muffin

Foto: Mari & Annika

I fly quite a bit, and my airline of choice is SAS. Most of my trips are between Stavanger and Oslo, flying time about forty minutes. A normal return trip from Oslo is an end of the day or an evening affair. I have been grilling, working with new products or sitting in meetings for most of the day. It´s not unlikely that I have skipped lunch and am in need of food.

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White Sauce: What A Name, What A Sauce

Foto: Mari & Annika

Once in a great while a new dish comes along that changes you. Some of my life-changing taste experiences have been sushi (at least the thing we westerners call sushi), Blackened Redfish, Marco Pierre White´s chocolate tart and Big Bob Gibson´s Alabama White Sauce.

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“Kanel-i-svingene” On Steroids

Foto: Mari & Annika

First: No, I don´t add steroids to my food. Any well-toned musculature I might have is there with absolutely no help from illegal substances. I would of course never recommend someone adding performance enhancers of any kind to their food, but it is a fact that some foods really need a jolt of something.

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World Famous? Damn Sure Is

I am in Memphis for the big Memphis in May barbecue cookoff. Last night, after another great dinner at Gus´s World Famous Fried Chicken, I got back to my hotel room early to do a bit of office work before bedtime. The Oklahoma City Thunder had just won their 3rd game in the best of seven series (one victory left; go Thunder!), I watched a couple of Action Bronson video slips and that was it.

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Høy Mat for Vanlige Folk

Foto: Mette Randem

Denne desserten er verken grillet eller særlig sesongavhengig (når er egentlig banansesongen?). Da jeg var ung var denne desserten konge over alle desserter, delvis fordi den smaker så godt, men også (tror jeg) fordi den var den første opplevelsen jeg hadde med (det nå-godt-oppbrukte-konseptet) «høy mat» (maten gourmetkokkene er så sykt glad i).

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