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Flashback Fridays: Grilled Quesadillas

Photos: Mette Randem

Quesadillas are simply tortillas (therefore “-dillas”) filled with cheese (therefore “queso”), but there are any number of twists used to “spice up” this wonderful dish. Today´s recipe is a favorite and was on the menu at my first restaurant – thirty years ago this year. We made the quesadillas in the kitchen, but they are even better hot off the grill.

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Flashback Fridays: Pickled onions

Photo: Aina Hole

I have been in the blog business for nearly one month. I have received good help in getting started and I have learned a lot by studying other people´s blogs. Some are very good while others are not my particular cup of tea.

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Aioli To The People

Why all the fuss about aioli? So-called experts say that any aioli not whipped together by hand is not worth eating. Humbug! A good machine-made aioli is better than pretty much anything you will find in a store and as good as or better than most of what you will find prepared by restaurants, cafés and the like. Aioli is unbeatable with vegetables, fish, meats, as a dip, on bread … wait, let´s just say that aioli isn´t that great with dessert, but otherwise good to go!

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